Simplify your compliance and medical device management

Increase the life of your medical equipment, while reducing the cost of ownership. Track your contracts, warranties, compliance, and service events all in one spot.

Demystify medical device ownership

If you’re not a compliance expert or a healthcare technology management professional, let us help you. Simply add medical devices to our platform and keep track of your compliance efforts, service events, and ensure your equipment is always up and running. 

Step 1

Sign up and add your medical devices to your UptimeHealth platform

Step 2

Add your service vendors from our marketplace to support your devices

Step 3

Set up automated compliance task and maintenance events

Get the equipment service you need, when you need it

Search healthcare’s #1 biomed technician marketplace for medical equipment support to find help in seconds.​

We work with industry experts

Regulations, compliance practices, infection control protocols, and procedures are constantly evolving. UptimeHealth works with medical device leaders as well as accreditation and certification bodies to ensure users adopt industry best practices to manage their environment of care.

Join us at the leading edge of compliance innovation

"National Urgent Care Center Accreditation is excited to partner with UptimeHealth to provide compliance software for our Accredited Urgent Care centers. This software will help simplify record- and log-keeping tasks for clinic staff and will be a valuable resource to help our Accredited Urgent Care centers meet the standards of Accreditation."

Cari Withrow, NUCCA Accreditation Coordinator