A New Way to Manage Equipment and Source Vendors

UptimeHealth has developed the first and only clinical asset management tool that allows users to manage their medical equipment and source service vendors with ease. We were built by and for healthcare operations professionals. Our goal is to have you focus on patients over paperwork.

Get Back to Your Patients Faster

Learn how UptimeHealth’s software can automate several administrative and time consuming processes for your staff. Watch how our tools can help you focus less on the equipment and more on your patients.


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UptimeController: Control Spending and Improve Patient Care

UptimeHealth has enabled healthcare facilities just like yours to save more than 20% on their yearly spend! We provide our users with the only asset management tool on the market that connects healthcare facilities with certified vendors. If you are unable to find service providers for your equipment, our experts work with you to create cost reduction specific to your facility. Our best-in-class software streamlines the administrative processes involved with equipment maintenance and record keeping allowing you and your staff to focus on patients over paperwork.

How UptimeHealth Works

UptimeHealth’s two platforms work together to make service you medical equipment as easy as four steps

Step 1:
Upload Equipment List

Upload equipment inventory list to UptimeController

Step 2:
Identify Equipment Requiring Service

Either you identify the device needing repair or UptimeController notifies user of upcoming preventative maintenance

Step 3:
Source Service Provider

If you do not have an existing service provider designated for the device, UptimeController will allow you to easily source from local, certified technicians through the UptimeMarket platform

*If you already have a designated service provider for the device, the system will store the information and contact the specified vendor

Step 4:
Service Provider Completes Repair

The service technician is notified, arrives on site to complete the repair or preventative maintenance, and documents their work into the system

UptimeMarket: Vendor Sourcing Made Easy

UptimeHealth has built the first and only marketplace for healthcare facilities to source certified vendors to service medical equipment. UptimeMarket was built with the intention to connect users with local vendors to manage their equipment. Our users have seen an improvement in response time, a decrease in unplanned downtime, and increased revenue. Sign up and see how UptimeHealth can help you streamline your vendor sourcing needs.

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