Useful Questions
1 How Long is Free Trial?

The Free Trail will last 90 days. We want to make sure that you are able to fully experience the benefits of the software before you sign on as a paid user.

2 Can I assign multiple maintenance schedules to a single device?

Yes, you are able to create different maintenance schedules for a single device. This feature allows users to differentiate between standard maintenance schedules and larger quarterly or year planned maintenance intervals.

3 Can I switch subscriptions after I begin to use the software?

Yes, you are easily able to switch subscription types in the administrator panel of your account.

4 What is the difference between and admin user and a sub user?

Depending on the subscription model you have, you will be limited to the number of admin users that can be assigned to each account. You will have the ability to create unlimited sub users for each account. An admin user will have full control of the software as well as the permission to mark any work order as "Complete", essentially providing their digital sign off. A sub user will only have access to the software and will be able to request service, access the devices assigned to them, and manage any work orders they are specifically involved in.

5 How do I upload devices?

You can upload devices two different ways. There is a "Bulk Upload" button that allows you to use a .csv template that we provide to upload all of your devices at once. You are also able to upload device one at a time using the "Add Device" button found in the device management tab. Typically, we see that users initially use the bulk upload tool to get most of their devices into our system and then add devices one at a time as they purchase more.

6 Am I able to identify where my devices are in the building?

Every device added to the system has its own device record. In each record, there is a section to input the equipment's "Location". This area is a free text field and allows the user to input anything that will help them remember where the device is located. We have seen users input specific rooms, sections of the facility, special buildings, etc.