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Jinesh Patel of UptimeHealth speaks with Startup Info about how we are automating the medical equipment management process

We innovate by committee and client feedback. Every month, we have a reflective process where we have a two-hour meeting with our core team where we ask ourselves, “how can we be better?”, “what else can we do to get closer to our north start?” “what do our clients need to be successful?”.

Taylor Dunn, UptimeHealth’s new Director of Compliance and Standards

UptimeHealth has named Taylor Dunn its Director of Compliance and Standards, continuing to build on its commitment of providing the industry’s best compliance software for outpatient facilities. Taylor has over 10 years of experience in the healthcare industry and specializes in Urgent Care Certification and Accreditation, with an emphasis on improvement of quality and standards.

Better medical equipment management can increase revenue and reduce burnout

A missing device, a miscalibrated machine, a malfunctioning instrument, can be extremely disruptive to a tightly scheduled and planned day within a healthcare center. These events, often unanticipated and unplanned for, will inflict chaos into the day and force providers to move patients, reschedule appointments, or even refer out their patients in emergency situations.

UptimeHealth to provide free compliance software to Urgent Care Association Certified and Accredited members

In collaboration with the Urgent Care Association (UCA), UptimeHealth will provide UCA accredited or certified members with free compliance software in a joint effort to advance the urgent care industry and improve the quality of patient care.

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How a Crisis Can Inspire Innovation for the Equipment Service and Repair Industry

But what about the technician and equipment service industry? What new enabling technologies are they adopting in this new normal? Obviously, many repairs and maintenance events require a service technician to be on-site, however, there are times when a service technician could diagnose and repair equipment issues by talking the end-user through a few troubleshooting steps.