Better medical equipment management can increase revenue and reduce burnout

A missing device, a miscalibrated machine, a malfunctioning instrument, can be extremely disruptive to a tightly scheduled and planned day within a healthcare center. These events, often unanticipated and unplanned for, will inflict chaos into the day and force providers to move patients, reschedule appointments, or even refer out their patients in emergency situations.

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Helpful Guide: Medical Equipment Management Compliance (Part 2)

“There are several different ways healthcare facilities can interpret regulatory guidelines as they relate to medical equipment management practices. In this continuation of our two part post (read part one here), we try to give you high-level strategies we have seen that work well for almost every type of healthcare facility. Below are few of our favorite best practices for each category:”

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4 Ways Urgent Care Centers Can Save Time, Money and Improve Compliance

In today’s world, using a spreadsheet to manage your assets is very inefficient, error prone, and can become a FDA compliance risk. This process can be easily automated to the point that you know every device that you own, its’ location, its’ depreciated value, service history, and performance results.

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What it Takes to Successfully On-board a CMMS

As you already know, computerized maintenance management software (“CMMS”) is widely used in many industries, such as manufacturing, education, healthcare, construction, energy and utilities, the public sector, and even data centers. Essentially, any facility with large capital equipment that requires regular maintenance will want to use a CMMS tool to help ensure top performance on their most expensive assets.

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Maintenance Strategy – Computerized Maintenance Management Software

One of the best things a business can do to improve its equipment management program is to invest in software to keep track of maintenance, repairs, and cost. The information tracked by the system can provide your staff with the tools it needs to ensure that repairs are being done on time as well as document the cost and timeliness of the repairs.