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Taylor Dunn Announcement

Taylor Dunn, UptimeHealth’s new Director of Compliance and Standards

UptimeHealth has named Taylor Dunn its Director of Compliance and Standards, continuing to build on its commitment of providing the industry’s best compliance software for outpatient facilities. Taylor has over 10 years of experience in the healthcare industry and specializes in Urgent Care Certification and Accreditation, with an emphasis on improvement of quality and standards.

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nucca partnership

UptimeHealth collaborates with National Urgent Care Center Accreditation to automate compliance for members

The National Urgent Care Center Accreditation (NUCCA) is happy to announce the selection of UptimeHealth as the preferred choice to provide compliance software for accredited urgent care centers. The free compliance software will create operational efficiencies to help meet NUCCA Accreditation standards while improving the quality of patient care.

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medical equipment managment needed
CMMS Tools

Better medical equipment management can increase revenue and reduce burnout

A missing device, a miscalibrated machine, a malfunctioning instrument, can be extremely disruptive to a tightly scheduled and planned day within a healthcare center. These events, often unanticipated and unplanned for, will inflict chaos into the day and force providers to move patients, reschedule appointments, or even refer out their patients in emergency situations.

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Best EMR Software for Urgent Care Centers in 2020

Urgent care EMRs provide significant time and cost-saving advantages for urgent care owners and operators. If you are tasked with selecting a functional solution for your facility, this article discusses the considerations to keep in mind, as well as the top 5 EMR solutions in 2020.

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